A view through a window at the Old Schwamb Mill. Learn all about it in Episode Four!
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This Land's First Nation - A sad chapter in American history, learn the tragic story of the Massachuset Tribal Federation -- a people who once thrived on the land that is today Arlington, Massachusetts. Click here visit our website devoted to the Massachuset. Also you can click here to watch Episode Six.

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Cyrus Dallin - Famous sculptor Cyrus Dallin's amazing Native American collection inspired us to learn more about our First Nation. Learn about his works in Episode Six, and then go see his sculptures in person at the Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum in Arlington Center.

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A wetu stands at Hobbamock's Homesite, Plimoth Plantation
Appeal to the Great Spirit by Cyrus Dallin at the Dallin Museum in Arlington Center
Tribute To Heroes
Tribute To Heroes
See our most popular video -- a tribute to the men and women of the U.S. military.
This video made the 'rounds on laptops in Baghdad and we're mighty proud to help in whatever small way we can. Be sure to sign the guestbook!
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On the Esplanade!
New! Boston 4th of July Video
As we do every year, The Menotomy Journal visited Boston's 4th of July. This year included a boat tour of the fireworks barges! Click here for the video. Or see a photo gallery by clicking here.

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