Native Languages of the Americas - A compendium of online materials about more than 800 indigenous languages of the Western Hemisphere and the people that speak them. An excellent resource for information about the Algonquian language family.

Pequot Museum and Research Center - The finest Native American museum in the country. Also boasts a world-class research facility with nearly every primary source document available in one place.

Plimoth Plantation - This outdoor museum contains Hobbomock's Homesite, a recreated 17th Century Wampanoag family homesite. You can talk to some terrific staff members dressed in traditional 17th Century Wampanoag clothing. There are no actors here, but modern Native Peoples giving you their present-day perspective. It is truly a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

Praying Indians of Natick and Ponkapoag - Descendants of the Massachuset survive today in many places, but none more prominently than the Tribe of the Praying Indians of Natick and Ponkapoag. "How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity" ps 133.1

Generations Drum - Their phenomenally inspirational traditional music CD Honoring the Four Directions is available on their website. It is a must-have. We highly recommend it.

Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum - Intimate and fascinating museum of the Narragansett Indian Tribe. Ash splint baskets, birch bark containers, Iriquois corn husk dolls, and much, much more! Also home to the Nuweetooun School.

The Menotomy Journal - The creators of this website produce The Menotomy Journal. Visit our site and watch our free videos, see photos, links, a tribute to our armed forces, and more!

Arlington Historical Society - For more information about the history of Arlington, MA. The Smith Museum at the Jason Russell House boasts a terrific collection of artifacts from the Massachuset.

Cyrus Dallin Museum - On the first floor of the Jefferson Cutter House in Arlington, MA, the Cyrus Dallin Museum houses a large collection of works by the famous sculptor Cyrus Dallin. Dallin's Native American collection is his largest and most important body of work. Dallin's Menotomy Indian Hunter and Squaw Sachem are featured on this website.

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