Massachuset Federation prior to 1617

Squaw Sachem's domain about 1620

Wonohaquaham's domain about 1625

Montowampate's domain about 1630

Wenepoykin's domain about 1630

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Montowampate's Domain About 1630


During the chaos surrounding the death of Nanapashemet, tribes in the present-day areas of Boston and Weymouth formed new alliances. They also called themselves the Massachuset.

But when Squaw Sachem returned to take over her husband's domain, she had lost those vital villages, and two important links to Boston Bay.

Saugus was important because of its miles of coastal access. Lobster, clams, mussels, cod -- the sea provided a wealth of sustenance for the Massachuset people.

The place was so important, in fact, that Squaw Sachem installed her second son Montowampate as Sachem of Saugus.

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Satellite imagery of Saugus today.
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