Massachuset Federation prior to 1617

Squaw Sachem's domain about 1620

Wonohaquaham's domain about 1625

Montowampate's domain about 1630

Wenepoykin's domain about 1630

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Squaw Sachem's Domain About 1620

Squaw Sachem's Domain

When Nanapashemet's enemies from the north raided his coastal domain, his wife Squaw Sachem and his 4 children were sent inland for protection. Once he was killed in 1619, Squaw Sachem returned to find entire villages abandoned, neighbors dead, and alliances lost.

For a few years she tried raiding villages that were formerly allied with her husband. But once she learned those tribes had secured an alliance with the English (and their muskets) she ceased her raids. She enjoyed a diplomatic relationship with the English while her sovereignty remained intact until her death in 1650.

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Satellite imagery of Squaw Sachem's domain today.
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