Webcowit was from Musketaquid, or present-day Concord. Very little is known about him. We do know that he was Nanapashemet's Powah, or physician.

It was reportedly customary for the Powah to marry the Sachem's wife in the event of his death. At some point before 1635 Squaw Sachem and Webcowit were married.

Squaw Sachem apparently relinquished very little of her power when she married Webcowit. She signed many documents alone. Others, however, were signed by both of them.

By 1647 Webcowit was learning about Christianity at Natick. He reportedly asked the English why it took them 27 years to teach them about God. "Had you done it sooner we might have known much of God by this time, and much sin might have been prevented, but now some of us are grown old in sin," he said.

Little else is known about Webcowit. It eventually became illegal for him to even be a Powah. It is likely he continued to practice underground nonetheless.

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